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Supported Independent Living

Creating a safe, inclusive and cohesive home environments for our Participants, encouraging each individual to utilise their skills to increase independence and reach their potential.

At Supporting Disabilities Australia (SDA) we provide a safe and welcoming home environment for individuals living with mental illness, disability or recovering from drug and alcohol and other substance dependencies.

Inclusive and cohesive home environments

Our highly trained and friendly staff tailor individuals plan to support them Participants on their journey, as well as support Participants to develop independence within the home environment and the community.

Our Specialist SDA Supported Independent Living team are available within business hours to discuss a range of housing options and services within the Sydney Metro Area as well as Wollongong.

Supporting Disabilities Australia (SDA) will work with you, your family and carers to develop all suitable goals that would facilitate your independence, enhance your emotional and social interaction while identifying and supporting your needs.

Our Support team works with you to develop skills, supporting your day–to–day living

Washing, cooking and cleaning

Personal hygiene and its benefits

CP: Community participation and engagement support

Support you to achieve your dreams, social needs and set goals

Transportation assistance to promote your new, existing social and community network

Budgets: Support you to manage your money and develop your budgeting skills

Assistance with your health care management and support

Supporting Disabilities Australia (SDA) Supported Independent Living Team will:

Increase your independence and support you to make choices to live your life your way

Have open communication with your family, friends and your circle of support network

Be involved in your community activities and events with the support you need

Support you in all aspects of life that you might need support

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