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Support Coordination Services

Connecting people to a range of service providers based on individual needs and goals through a wide network of  Support Coordination partners.

Supporting Disabilities Australia (SDA) Support Coordination partners work in consultation with our service users, offering a unique driven approach which places the person at the centre of decision making. This  enables the flexibility to navigate their aspirations, promoting positive and meaningful experiences.

Which NDIS funding I use to access these supports?

To access our support coordination services, you must be an NDIS participant and have approval for funding in the Coordination of Supports (Capacity Building).

Support Coordination will support you to:

Be more informed about how your NDIS funds can be used across NDIS registered and mainstream support services

Navigate the NDIS marketplace and connect with disability and allied health service providers as well as mainstream organisations

Build the capacity to exercise choice and control to live the life you want

Provide support in the event of a CRISIS or change of circumstances

Identify housing solutions for shared independent living if your housing needs change

Assist you to register and use the myGov website and the NDIS Participant Portal

Assist you in finding the best way to spend your funds so that you can achieve your NDIS goals

Supporting Disabilities Australia (SDA) Support Coordination team works with you to:

Identify and present a range of suitable options for you in the NDIS marketplace

Support your interactions with other government services systems, in particular, health, child protection, mental health and justice etc.

Source quotes and coordinate Service Agreements with service providers of your choice

Monitor your NDIS plan to ensure your NDIS funds used effectively

Provide the NDIA with progress reports and prepare for your plan review meetings

Liaise with your service providers to ensure services are being delivered as agreed and assist in resolving service issues if they arise