1 in 6 Australians have a disability

Supporting Disabilities Australia has partnered with the Bulldogs to highlight the significant number of Australians who encounter physical, mental, sensory, or cognitive impairments that impact their daily lives.

We specialise in creating safe, high-quality inclusive homes that empower participants to live independently and reach their full potential.

SDA Disability round

This match day partnership is a tribute to the 4.4 million individuals in Australia living with disabilities, aiming to raise awareness and create a more accessible and supportive environment both on and off the footy field. Let's unite in amplifying their voices and championing inclusivity and support for all.

SDA Sefton Launch

SDA officially launched its new Sefton site that offers premium access to disabled support services within the local community. The Bulldogs were privy to an exclusive look at the incredible work that SDA does for individuals and families requiring support.

Sefton Site

The Sefton Site includes two properties. The front property supports one robust participant and their carer, featuring high-impact wall lining, commercial windows with laminated glass, resilient fixtures, and comprehensive sound insulation. The back property accommodates four participants with a room for overnight staff. Each room has its own ensuite, and ceilings are engineered to safely support up to 250 kg for hoisting, ensuring safety and peace of mind for your loved ones in our care.

Safe and Secure

We customise our services to meet specific needs, ensuring the highest quality of care and attention. The Sefton site features wheelchair access with automatic doors for ease and security, along with intercoms in every bedroom for direct staff communication. Additional safety measures include backup power, sprinklers, and external security cameras for peace of mind.

Shared Support

We collaborate with participants and carers to develop goals that promote independence and enhance emotional and social interactions. Shared spaces facilitate genuine connections, a sense of belonging, and improve overall quality of life.

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